DLL Files Starting with "R"

Filename Description Downloads
rcbklt8.dll Ricoh Print Class Driver Booklet Filter 0
RcEngine.dll Smith Micro QuickLink Mobile 0
rcnup8.dll XPSDrv Sample NUp Filter 0
rcres8.dll Ricoh Print Class Driver Resource File 0
rcrevrs8.dll N/A 0
rcrpcs.dll XPS Rasterization Service XPS to RPCS raster filter 0
rdbui.dll ReadyBoost UI 0
rdchost.dll RDSHost Client Module 0
rdpcfgex.dll Remote Desktop Session Host Server Connection Configuration Extension for the RDP protocol 0
rdpcore.dll RDP Core DLL 0
rdpcorekmts.dll TS (KM) RDPCore DLL 0
rdpcorets.dll TS RDPCore DLL 0
rdpd3d.dll RDP Direct3D Remoting DLL 0
rdpdd.dll RDP Display Driver 0
RDPENCDD.dll RDP Encoder Mirror Driver 0
rdpencom.dll RDPSRAPI COM Objects 0
rdpendp.dll RDP Audio Endpoint 0
RDPREFDD.dll Microsoft RDP Reflector Display Driver 0
rdprefdrvapi.dll Reflector Driver API 0
RdpSaPs.dll RDP Session Agent Proxy Stub 0
rdpsnd.dll MultiMedia-drivrutin för Terminal Server 0
rdpudd.dll UMRDP Display Driver 0
rdpwsx.dll RDP Extension DLL 0
RDSAppXHelper.dll Remote Desktop AppX Scheduler Helper DLL 0
rdsdwmdr.dll Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Desktop Composition Component 0
rdvgu1132.dll Microsoft RemoteFX Virtual GPU 0
rdvidcrl.dll Remote Desktop Services Client for Microsoft Online Services 0
rdvvmtransport.dll RdvVmTransport EndPoints 0
ReAgent.dll Microsoft Windows Recovery Agent DLL 0
ReAgentTask.dll Microsoft Windows Recovery Agent Task Handler 0
recdvd.dll Movie backup core 0
recovery.dll Recovery Control Panel 0
RecoveryRar.dll N/A 0
regapi.dll Registry Configuration APIs 0
RegCtrl.dll RegCtrl 0
regidle.dll RegIdle Backup Task 0
regsvc.dll Remote Registry Service 0
RegUtils.dll N/A 0
regwizc.dll Modul för Registreringsguiden 0
ReInfo.dll Microsoft Windows Recovery Info DLL 0
RelMon.dll Reliability Monitor 0
remotepg.dll Remote Sessions CPL Extension 0
RemoveDeviceContextHandler.dll Devices & Printers Remove Device Context Menu Handler 0
RemoveDeviceElevated.dll RemoveDeviceElevated Proxy Dll 0
rend.dll Microsoft Rendezvous Control 0
repdrvfs.dll WMI Repository Driver 0
Res_Dll.dll Res_Dll 0
res_msgr.dll Yahoo! Messenger 0
reseteng.dll Microsoft Windows Reset Engine 0
resetengmig.dll Microsoft Windows Reset Engine Mig Wrapper 0