All Dll's Created By NVIDIA Corporation

Filename Description Downloads
nv4_disp.dll NVIDIA Compatible Windows 2000 Display driver, Version 44.03 56
PhysX3_x64.dll PhysX3 64bit Dynamic Link Library 52
AnselSDK64.dll SDK for camera control and capture 23
PhysX3Common_x64.dll PhysX3Common 64bit Dynamic Link Library 10
NvBackendAPI32.dll NVIDIA GeForce Experience Backend API 9
NVI2.dll NVIDIA Install Core 7
cufft.dll NVIDIA CUDA FFT Library, Version 2.2 7
nvtt_64.dll NVIDIA Texture Tools Dynamic Link Library 7
PhysX3_x86.dll PhysX3 32bit Dynamic Link Library 5
PhysXExtensions.dll PhysXExtensions Dynamic Link Library (EG) 5
cudart64_40_17.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.0.17 5
cgGL.dll Cg GL Runtime Library 5
nvspcap.dll NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy 4
GFSDK_GSA.win32.dll N/A 4
cg.dll Cg Core Runtime Library 4
cudart32_30_14.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 3.0.14 3
nvcpl.dll NVIDIA Display Properties Extension 3
cudart64_75.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 7.5.18 3
nvtt.dll NVIDIA Texture Tools Dynamic Link Library 3
ApexFramework_x64.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library 3
NTPhysX_Extensions_x86_s.dll PhysXExtensions Dynamic Link Library (EG) 2
PhysX3Cooking_x64.dll PhysX3Cooking 64bit Dynamic Link Library 2
nvspcap64.dll NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy 2
APEX_Clothing_x86.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library 2
physxcooking.dll PhysXCooking Dynamic Link Library 1
cudart32_40_17.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.0.17 1
cudart32_41_22.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.1.22 1
nvcuda.dll NVIDIA Compatible CUDA Driver, Version 175.16 1
nview.dll NVIDIA nView Desktop and Window Manager 61.77 1
NxCharacter64.dll NxCharacter 64bit Dynamic Link Library 1
optix.1.dll NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Engine 1
APEX_Destructible_Legacy_x86.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library 1
ApexFramework_x86.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library 1
PhysX3CharacterKinematic_x86.dll PhysX3CharacterKinematic 32bit Dynamic Link Library 0
NTPhysX_Loader_x86_s.dll PhysXLoader Dynamic Link Library 0
PhysX3Common_x86.dll PhysX3Common 32bit Dynamic Link Library 0
PhysX3Cooking_x86.dll PhysX3Cooking 32bit Dynamic Link Library 0
physxcore.dll PhysXCore Dynamic Link Library 0
PhysXDevice.dll NVIDIA PhysX Device Module 0
PhysXExtensions64.dll PhysXExtensions Dynamic Link Library (EG) 0
nvaudcap64v.dll NVIDIA Virtual Audio Driver 0
cudart32_30_9.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 3.0.9 0
cudart32_40_12.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.0.12 0
cudart32_41_28.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.1.28 0
cudart32_42_9.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.2.9 0
nvd3dum.dll NVIDIA WDDM D3D Driver, Version 340.52 0
cudart32_50_35.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 5.0.35 0
cudart32_60.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 6.0.37 0
cudart64_42_9.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.2.9 0
nvmctray.dll NVIDIA Media Center Library 0