Privacy Policy

DLL Installer LLC takes strong measures when it comes user data and it's protection. Below you will find the full list of to user information we collect and the full measures we take to protect it.

Obtaining and Processing User Information

As you may already know, when you visit a particular website, your IP address and internet provider data are exposed. By collecting this data DLL Installer LLC is able to personalize and improve the services you receive on our website. We take this seriously and will never expose this information to anyone. Please remember that this kind of data is automatically available and we'll never ask our visitors to provide sensitive personal information to us.

Cookies and Cache

Have in mind that when visiting our website, cookies and cache is stored into your browser. The only reason we use them is to improve the services you receive on our website on every repeated visit.

You should note that we also use external advertising companies that may store cookies on your browser. We don't have any control over them, so we suggest you read their respective terms before visiting any of them.

If you don't want cookies or cache stored on your browser/computer we suggest you use a private browsing mode (offered by all modern browsers).

Last Updated: 08-21-2020