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Understanding the DLL files

What does a DLL File do?

The DLL Files, also known as Dynamic Link Library for Windows operating system are special file types that doesn't do anything on their own, but contain core functions and classes that help other OS executables to operate properly.

Why DLL files are missing?

Some dll files may fail to install properly during your new software or game installation. In some cases, a DLL file may get corrupt while it'is being used by its parent program. In both cases, we get a "dll file is missing" error.

How to fix a missing DLL file error?

DLLInstaller contains the biggest database of DLL files on the web. All you have to do is download and install the missing dll file for your app or game. So, get it and copy the downloaded file in the appropriate directory on your computer.

Popular DLL Files

Name Downloads
msvcp140.dll 3546
vcruntime140.dll 498
msvcr100.dll 257
xinput1_3.dll 182
msvcp120.dll 161