DLL Files Starting with "I"

Filename Description Downloads
ISDone.dll библиотека для распаковки arc, 7z, rar, pcf, srep архивов в InnoSetup 132
iTunesMobileDevice.dll iTunesMobileDevice 8
ISSkin.dll Inno Setup Skin dll 7
iTunes.dll iTunes 6
icudt55.dll ICU Data DLL 5
iggy_w64.dll N/A 5
ILPointCloudLib.dll N/A 5
icudt51.dll ICU Data DLL 4
ig4icd32.dll OpenGL(R) Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Accelerator 4
ieakeng.dll Internet Explorer Administration Kit Engine Library 3
ieaksie.dll Internet Explorer Snap-in Extension to Group Policy 3
ieakui.dll Microsoft IEAK Shared UI DLL 3
iggy_w32.dll N/A 3
icuuc53.dll ICU Common DLL 2
ieframe.dll N/A 2
iernonce.dll Extended RunOnce processing with UI 2
iertutil.dll Run time utility for Internet Explorer 2
IJL15.DLL Intel® JPEG Library - Retail Version 2
ImagXpr6.dll ImagXpr6 Module 2
imgutil.dll IE plugin image decoder support DLL 2
immwrapper.dll N/A 2
IntelLaptopGaming.dll N/A 2
icudt49.dll ICU Data DLL 1
icuin40.dll IBM ICU I18N DLL 1
icuin53.dll ICU I18N DLL 1
icuin55.dll ICU I18N DLL 1
iedkcs32.dll IEAK branding 1
IEShims.dll Internet Explorer Compatibility Shims 1
ifm.dll N/A 1
ig4dev32.dll OpenGL(R) Device Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Accelerator 1
igd10umd32.dll LDDM User Mode Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Technology 1
igdumd32.dll LDDM User Mode Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Technology 1
ILU.dll ILU: A portable image library in development 1
imagelib_x64_rwdi.dll N/A 1
IMHttpComm.dll IMHttpCo Dynamic Link Library 1
ImNtUtilU.dll IncrediNetUtils DLL 1
IMorphFile.dll Life Studio:Head API 1
inetclnt.dll InetClnt DLL 1
inetcomm.dll Microsoft Internet Messaging API Resources 1
Inject.dll Garena Inject 1
innocallback.dll N/A 1
iphlpsvc.dll Service that offers IPv6 connectivity over an IPv4 network. 1
icudt46.dll ICU Data DLL 0
ir50_qcx.dll Intel Indeo® video 5.10 Quick Compressor 0
icudt48.dll ICU Data DLL 0
ir50_qcxoriginal.dll Intel Indeo® video 5.10 Quick Compressor 0
irclass.dll Infrared Class Coinstaller 0