DLL Files Starting with "I"

Filename Description Downloads
IECONT.DLL Microsoft Internet Explorer Contacts 0
IECONTLC.DLL Microsoft Internet Explorer Contacts resources 0
iedkcs32.dll IEAK branding 0
ieencode.dll N/A 0
ieetwcollectorres.dll IE ETW Collector Service Resources 0
ieetwproxystub.dll IE ETW Collector Proxy Stub Resources 0
ieframe.dll N/A 0
IENPSTUB.DLL Network provider delay load stub 0
iepeers.dll Internet Explorer Peer Objects 0
iernonce.dll Extended RunOnce processing with UI 0
iertutil.dll Run time utility for Internet Explorer 0
iesetup.dll IOD Version Map 0
iesysprep.dll IE Sysprep Provider 0
ieui.dll Internet Explorer UI Engine 0
ifc22.dll Immersion Foundation Classes 0
IFC23.dll Immersion Foundation Classes 0
ifmon.dll IF Monitor DLL 0
IFORCE2.dll N/A 0
ifsutil.dll IFS Utility DLL 0
ifsutilx.dll IFS Utility Extension DLL 0
ifxcardm.dll Infineon SICRYPT® Card Module 0
ig4dev32.dll OpenGL(R) Device Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Accelerator 0
ig4icd64.dll OpenGL(R) Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Accelerator 0
IGCore.dll N/A 0
igd10umd32.dll LDDM User Mode Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Technology 0
igdDiag.dll IGD Helper Class 0
igdumdim32.dll User Mode Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Technology 0
igdusc32.dll Unified Shader Compiler for Intel(R) Graphics Accelerator 0
IGExportCommon.dll N/A 0
igfxres.dll igfxres Module 0
iglhcp32.dll iglhcp32 Dynamic Link Library 0
iglhsip32.dll iglhsip32 Dynamic Link Library 0
igmpagnt.dll Microsoft IGMP subagent 0
IGO32.dll Origin IGO 0
igxpdx32.dll DirectDraw(R) Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Technology 0
igxprd32.dll Intel Graphics 2D Rotation Driver 0
ihack.dll N/A 0
IHDS.DLL Microsoft IME 0
iisadmin.dll Metadata and Admin Service 0
iisfecnv.dll Microsoft FE Character Set Conversion Library 0
iismig.dll IIS Migration Plugin 0
iissuba.dll Microsoft IIS sub-authentication handler 0
IJL10.DLL Intel® JPEG Library 0
ijoy.dll N/A 0
IKEEXT.DLL IKE extension 0
ils.dll User Location Services Component Module 0
image_flow.dll Adobe Image Foundation 0
image_runtime.dll Adobe Image Foundation 0
image.dll Nero Recorder Driver 0
Image2PDF.dll Image2PDF 0