DLL Files Starting with "F"

Filename Description Downloads
fdPnp.dll Pnp Provider Dll 0
fdprint.dll Function Discovery Print Provider Dll 0
fdProxy.dll Function Discovery Proxy Dll 0
FDResPub.dll Function Discovery Resource Publication Service 0
fdSSDP.dll Function Discovery SSDP Provider Dll 0
fdWCN.dll Windows Connect Now - Config Function Discovery Provider DLL 0
fdWNet.dll Function Discovery WNet Provider Dll 0
fdWSD.dll Function Discovery WS Discovery Provider Dll 0
feclient.dll Windows NT File Encryption Client Interfaces 0
FFImage.dll N/A 0
ffresources.dll lockdll Dynamic Link Library 0
fftw3.dll N/A 0
fhautoplay.dll Microsoft® File History AutoPlay Integration Library 0
fhcat.dll File History Catalog Library 0
fhcfg.dll File History Configuration Manager 0
fhcleanup.dll File History Disk Cleanup Handler 0
fhcpl.dll File History Control Panel 0
fhengine.dll File History Engine 0
fhevents.dll File History Event Listener Library 0
fhlisten.dll File History HomeGroup Listener 0
fhshl.dll File History Custom Shell Library 0
fhsrchapi.dll File History Search API 0
fhsrchph.dll File History Search Protocol Handler 0
fhsvc.dll File History Service 0
fhsvcctl.dll File History Service Control Library 0
fhtask.dll File History Task Handler 0
fhuxadapter.dll File History Data Adapter 0
fhuxapi.dll File History API 0
fhuxcommon.dll File History Common Library 0
fhuxgraphics.dll File History Graphics 0
fhuxpresentation.dll File History Presentation 0
fhuxpresentation.Resources.dll N/A 0
FileAppxStreamingDataSource.dll File AppX Streaming Data Source Library 0
FileCryptIK.dll N/A 0
FileLoader.dll N/A 0
filemgmt.dll Services and Shared Folders 0
FileSearch.dll N/A 0
FileSystem_Steam.dll FileSystem_Steam.dll (buildbot_winslave04_steam_steam_rel_client_win32@winslave04) 0
FileSystem.dll N/A 0
findnetprinters.dll Find Network Printers COM Component 0
findsector.dll N/A 0
FineCOM.dll FineCOM Manager 0
fineobj.dll FineObjects Classes Library Core 0
finstall.dll N/A 0
FirewallControlPanel.dll Windows Firewall Control Panel 0
FlashUtil_ActiveX.dll Adobe Flash Player Helper 13.0 r0 0
fldrclnr.dll Guiden Rensa upp skrivbordet 0
fltLib.dll Filter Library 0
fmapi.dll File Management API 0
fmifs.dll FM IFS Utility DLL 0