DLL Files Starting with "P"

Filename Description Downloads
pku2u.dll Pku2u Security Package 0
pla.dll Performance Logs & Alerts 0
PlaMig.dll Performance Logs & Alerts Migration 0
platform.dll COMODO Internet Security 0
playlistfolder.dll Playlist Folder 0
PlaySndSrv.dll PlaySound Service 0
PlayToManager.dll Microsoft Windows PlayTo Manager 0
PlayToStatusProvider.dll PlayTo Status Provider Dll 0
plds4.dll PLDS Library 0
ploptin.dll Prelaunch OptIn 0
plugin.dll Photoshop Plugin Utilities 0
PluginKernel.dll Plugin Kernel Library 0
PlugPlug.dll PlugPlug Standard Dll (32 bit) 0
plustab.dll Effects Control Panel extension 0
pmcsnap.dll pmcsnap dll 0
PMIGRATE.dll Microsoft Pinyin IME Migration DLL 0
pmspl.dll N/A 0
Pncrt.dll N/A 0
Pndx5016.dll N/A 0
Pndx5032.dll 32 bit DirectX helper DLL 0
pnen3230.dll Core Support Library for RealAudio® 0
pngfilt.dll IE PNG plugin image decoder 0
PngModule.dll N/A 0
pngu3263.dll GUI Library 0
pngu3266.dll GUI Library 0
pnidui.dll Network System Icon 0
pnpibs.dll PnP IBS module 0
pnppolicy.dll pnppolicy Task 0
pnpsetup.dll Pnp installer for CMI 0
pnpts.dll PlugPlay Troubleshooter 0
pnpui.dll Plug and Play User Interface DLL 0
PNPXAssoc.dll PNPX Association Dll 0
PNPXAssocPrx.dll PNPX Association Dll 0
pnrpauto.dll PNRP Auto Service Dll 0
Pnrphc.dll PNRP Helper Class 0
pnrpnsp.dll PNRP Name Space Provider 0
pnrpperf.dll PNRP Performance Counter Provider 0
pnrpsvc.dll PNRP Service Dll 0
PolicMan.dll N/A 0
polstore.dll Policy Storage dll 0
PortableDeviceApi.dll Windows Portable Device API Components 0
PortableDeviceClassExtension.dll Windows Portable Device Class Extension Component 0
PortableDeviceConnectApi.dll Portable Device Connection API Components 0
PortableDeviceStatus.dll Microsoft Windows Portable Device Status Provider 0
PortableDeviceSyncProvider.dll Microsoft Windows Portable Device Provider. 0
PortableDeviceTypes.dll Windows Portable Device (Parameter) Types Component 0
PortableDeviceWiaCompat.dll PortableDevice WIA Compatibility Driver 0
PortableDeviceWMDRM.dll Windows Portable Device WMDRM Component 0
portaudio_x86.dll N/A 0